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[an error occurred while processing this directive]Here you will find recent additions to the guide; an easy way to keep up with the latest additions without searching the whole guide, on each visit.

 What's New

Oct, 2002 - Version 2.2 of the St Andrews Multimedia CD-ROM has been released, including many more and higher resolution Virtual Tour Scenes, a St Andrews by Night Screen Saver, double the number of St Andrews jigsaw puzzles and more, in addition to the the features already released in the 2.1 version.

Sep, 2002 - 36 New/improved scenes have been incorporated in the Virtual Tour. They include more and better views of the castle, cathedral visitor centre, South Street, West Port and some fairly spectacular scenes over the Old Course from Hamilton Hall and The Old Course Hotel.

Jul, 2001 - The Byre Theatre is now included in the virtual reality tour, along with panoramic scenes of Madras Quadrangle, South Court, the Pends, Cockshaugh Park, and the East Scores. New scenes are indicated with a * in the menu of virtual reality tour scenes.

Mar, 2001 - becomes the first and only site about St Andrews to support mobile phones. Expect this feature to grow markedly through the Spring. You can try it here !

Feb, 2001 - We now have dynamic content provision of golf news and will add simialr features throughout the site.

Jan, 2001 - Virtual Tour is now data driven leading to far more scenes being linked and consistent in their appearance. Additionally the Live Picture applet has now been added as an option for rendering the 360 degree images increasing comaptibility with browsers though the image rendition isn't as good as with RubberNeck.

Oct 30, 2000 - In association with PayPal we can now offer the St Andrews Screen Saver FREE with a $5 bonus to residents of the USA and should soon be able to do this in the UK as well.

Oct 23, 2000 - Added the ability to send any virtual reality scene as an animated electronic postcard.

Sep3, 2000 - Lots of new virtual reality scenes are coming on line with a new database driven page display which chould make the tour more consistent and interesting. You can try it out by clicking here for the low-res/higher speed version or here for the higher res but needs more bandwidth version.
New scenes include - the East Sands Leisure Centre, the North Haugh, Craigtoun and Kinburn Parks, new scenes of the castle, St Leonard's Chapel and others in the jump menu.

Jul 18, 2000 - awards this site their "Associate Site of the Week" award during the Open Championship.

From their award text ...
"Welcome to St Andrews, the "home of golf", seat of the oldest university in Scotland, and a town with a rich cultural and historical life. The site is easy to navigate with clear, concise links to a wealth of information, including a 3D clickable map and a virtual reality tour of the town ...

"In the online shop section individual books and videos have been selected which are of direct relevance to St Andrews. Each item has a brief description to help the site's visitors decide on their purchase. In addition, this site's owner has also joined the Associates Programme, thus introducing their visitors to the full range of Amazon products. A search box facility has also been added, both for and, so that visitors can search for other St Andrews related items. "

Jul 7, 2000 - Improved Search engine. Increased accuracy and relevance of results, and allowed faster searches by restricting search to user specified types of files (e.g. bulletin board, information, etc.)

May 30, 2000 - New category of accommodation listing "Longer term rentals" for people offering or needing accommodation in the St. Andrews area for several months or more.

May 24,2000 - Kate Kennedy Procession Screensavers now available.

May 14, 2000 - Multimedia pages of the Kate Kennedy 2000 Procession are now online with electronic postcards of all scenes, video, and audio. Expect much more in the next few weeks.

Mar 20, 2000 - Added the "Arms of the Royal Burgh of St. Andrews Community Council" (Used by permission of the Community Council). The arms are issued by Lord Lyon, King of Arms, and may not to be used without the express permission of the Community Council.

Mar 19, 2000 - Added the St. Andrews Quiz. Answer 4 randomly selected questions about St. Andrews and you can be entered in a drawing for a prize. You can just take the quiz for fun if you prefer.

Mar 18, 2000 - Added St. Andrews postcards. Send free picture postcards of St. Andrews to friends. More cards for holidays and golf will be added soon.

Feb 23, 2000 - Added more options for local business participation in the site including advertising, web hosting etc. All proceeds in 2000 to benefit the St Andrews Harbour Trust.

Jan 29, 2000 - Changed menu buttons from images to style sheets for better page loading performance.

Jan 25, 2000 - Added an article on John Honey's rescue, two hundred years ago, of five seamen. The article was written by by Ron Thompson of The Courier.

Jan 04, 2000 - Changed time zone used on bulletin board to that of St. Andrews (seems appropriate).

Dec 27, 1999 - Expanded online store to include video and golf games as well as books.

Nov 29, 1999 - Added virtual reality scenes for North Street, Murray Place, and The Scores.

Nov 28, 1999 - Added virtual reality scenes of South Street and Bow Butts.

Nov 26, 1999 - Added virtual reality scenes of St. Andrews Castle as it was in the 15th century.
(Courtesy of the University of Abertay's Virtual Heritage Group)

Nov 21, 1999 - Added VR scenes for the West Sands and St. Mary's Quadrangle.
Started adding symbol to virtual reality pages. Clicking on the symbol brings up virtual scene in a pop-up window. This is useful for browsers which are having difficulty running the virtual reality applet.

Nov 10, 1999 - Release of the St. Andrews Screen Saver.
Fifty photographs of St. Andrews by Peter Adamson (the university photographer), members of the St. Andrews Photographic Society, and others. (In aid of the pier restoration by the St. Andrews Harbour Trust).

Oct 24, 1999 - Added instructions at the beginning of the tour to help first time users navigate the virtual reality scenes.

Oct 17, 1999 - Added lo-resolution tour scenes for those with slower (modem) connections or experiencing image load failures.

Oct 5, 1999 - St. Andrews Community Council are now hosting their web pages at this site, thus returning to the net the excellent work "A Brief History of St. Andrews" and other valuable local information.

Also the local newspaper, The St.Andrews Citizen, now has news online, and has been added to the news and events page.

Oct 3, 1999 - Added VR scene at Intersection of Market St., Bell St., and St. Mary's Place and Greyfriars Gardens.

Sep 30, 1999 - Added VR scene at Swilcan Burn on Old Course.

Sep 27, 1999 - Added descriptive text and supporting photos to VR scenes of Quad, St.Salvator's Chapel and Holy Trinity

Sep 19, 1999 - VR scenes for the Cathedral(2), the Harbour Bridge, Church Square, Market Street(2), Madras and Blackfriars, Playfair Terrace, and Dundee waterfront added.

Sep 17, 1999 - Holy Trinity Church - VR scene added

Sep 16, 1999 - University Chapel, St. Salvator's Tower and Quadrangle - Virtual reality scenes added ... but still need text and supporting photos added.

Sep 10, 1999 - Bulletin Board - your forum for discussion about St. Andrews

Sep 09, 1999 - Miscellaneous Page - items that don't quite fit other categories, but are interesting none the less.

Sep 08, 1999 - 2-Dimensional Timeline - showing the chronological events in St. Andrews' history in the contexts of Church(Cathedral), University, Golf etc.

Test your knowledge of St. Andrews

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