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Recommended software, video and books about St. Andrews, Golf, and the surrounding area of Fife. Throughout the guide the bag () or book () icons will bring you to a recommended item in our online store. For your convenience items may be ordered securely online (often at substantial discount).

Books, Video and CD-ROMs about St. Andrews

Unplayable Lie (Newly Published)

A wonderfully detailed murder mystery with a golfing theme. Set in Scotland and the town and golf courses of St Andrews.

(Peter Jamesson)



Pilgrims in the Rough ... St. Andrews beyond the 19th hole.

With ghosts, witches and squabbling clerics, "Pilgrims in the Rough" is a funny and affectionate portrayal of St. Andrews. Combining tourist information with history, humour and anecdote, Michael Tobert has written a book that will appeal to golfer and non-golfer, local and visitor alike.




The Scrapbook of Old Tom Morris.

David Joy is perhaps the world's leading expert on Old Tom Morris. This book was inspired when a member of the British Royal Family asked to borrow some of David's notes on the life of Old Tom Morris and the history of Golf.

Reluctant to part with such a great treasure, David decided to publish the book for all to enjoy ... and also so he didn't have to part with his own book again !




NEW RELEASE - St. Andrews CD-ROM V 2.2.

Multimedia screen savers of the town and history of St. Andrews. Over 340 Megabytes of photos, sound clips, video and high resolution virtual reality scenes depicting St. Andrews past and present. Click here for more details.

Easily installed on Windows 95,98,NT,ME,2000,XP


Scottish Screen Savers.

Photos from all over Scotland ... from the Highlands and Islands to the cities. Scotland comes to life on your computer.

Easily installed on Windows 95,98,NT,2000,ME,XP


Special Offer !!!

Order BOTH of the CD-ROMS described above and get FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the UK or the USA.


The St Andrews Sarcophagus: A Pictish Masterpiece and Its International Connection

(Sally M. Foster)



Adam Lyal's St. Andrews - VHS Video Tape

Scotland's most amusing and ashen faced phantom, Adam Lyal (deceased) guides you through the historic setting of St Andrews; encountering many colourful characters, both macabre and memorable, including the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots, Tom Morris (the grand old man of golf), Paul Craw (the 15c martyr) and the monk of St Rules Tower.
Adam visits the Cathedral, Castle, Byre Theatre and the oldest University in Scotland, he even finds time to swing his putter on the lush green baize of the Himalayas ! A tour encapsulating the timeless beauty that is St Andrews.

Books & Video about St. Andrews Golf

Player's Guide to St. Andrews Old Course - VHS video tape.

Recommended for those preparing for that once in a lifetime round on the Old Course, and as a momento of that day.

(Classic Golf Experiences, USA and Canadian format only)


St. Andrews and the Open Championship

This is a fabulous and lavish book on the world's most fabled golf course and the great champions who have played it. The historical data is supported by a wealth of unique old photographs.

A highlight is a section of new color photos of each of the 18 holes, brilliantly capturing the feel of the course. The perils of each hole are described in the captions.

(David Joy, Iain Lowe)



Royal and Ancient - Blood, Sweat and Fear at the British Open

Curt Sampson, the bestselling author of Hogan and The Masters, draws a definitive and affectionate portrait of this legendary tournament, with a fascinating narrative
of both its rich history and its exciting present.




Golf: A celebration of 100 years of the Rules of Play

(John Glover, Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews)


A Wee Nip at the 19th Hole:

A celebration of the unsung heroes of the game ... the caddies of the Old Course.

(Richard MacKenzie)



Blasted Heaths and Blessed Greens
A Golfers Pilgrimage to the courses of Scotland.
A highly acclaimed work.




The Spirit of St. Andrews

What makes this legendary course so hauntingly beautiful

(Alister MacKenzie, former architect for the St. Andrews links)


Golf at the Water's Edge

Offers a history and tour of Scotland's seaside courses. The text includes illustrations of each course, a course plan and information for the traveller. A surprisingly inexpensive and charming illustrated guide that is worth adding to your order.

(Brenda and John McGuire)



Books about Fife
Fife Walks - Written by Hamish Brown, a well respected authority on the Scottish outdoors, this book describes walks in Fife, including sections of the Fife Coastal Path


Specializes in historical places and buildings in the Kingdom of Fife.


Where the clock stands still - A portrait of the East Neuk of Fife

Books about Scottish Reformation History

Foxe's Book of Martyrs

The classic reference work on those who died for their Christian faith throughout the ages.
John Foxe (1517-1587) lived during the most turbulent period of the Scottish Reformation.

There are several online versions, so only order if you need a ready reference for your bookshelf.



Letters of Samuel Rutherford

Much loved pastoral letters of Samuel Rutherford, Principle of St. Mary's and Rector of the University.



The St.Andrews Seven

The St. Andrews Seven chronicles the rise of an emphasis on overseas missions among several students at St. Andrews and their Professor. Then, as now, there were those who felt that the Christian faith was not academically respectable, yet these students were both accomplished scholars and men of faith. Their effects on the establishment of overseas missions and colleges, especially in India, and the rigors of student life, faith and politics at St. Andrews in the 18th century are an inspiration for students even today.

Piggin & Roxborough



Dictionary of Scottish Church History

An excellent reference on Scottish Church History with wonderful insights to the otherwise shadowy realms of how the Christian faith has shaped Scotland and given the nation a significance in world history disproportionate to its size.



Books about Accommodation in the area
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Books about Dining in the area
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Golf Software for St. Andrews

Links LS 2000 is the ultimate in golf simulations/games. This special edition has the St. Andrews Old Course, New Course and Jubilee Course; "live commentary", a screen saver, and multimedia introductions to golf in St. Andrews and the "Shotgun 2000" event sponsored by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.


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