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St. Andrews - Screen Saver

The St. Andrews Screen Saver contains Fifty colour photographs of St. Andrews. The photos were taken by Peter Adamson - the university photographer, members of the St. Andrews Photographic Society, Patrick Young - University of Michigan, and others.

The screen saver is offered in support of the St. Andrews Harbour Trust to repair the harbour. Registered users have access to the second set of 25 photos

Purchase the new CD-ROM version with a fully registered St. Andrews Screen Saver with 70 photos of the town, the Kate Kennedy 2000 procession with over 70 photos and audio descriptions, interactive jigsaw puzzles, video clips and over 80 high resolution virtual scenes from St Andrews.

Price is $12 (+ $4 shipping in UK / USA) and benefits the St Andrews Harbour Trust and other local charities.


You will need a PC running Windows 95, 98 or NT, with 8 Mbytes RAM, and a display capable of at least 256 colours. More is obviously better. MAC is not currently supported.

Fill out the form below. You will receive an e-mail with the location from which the screen saver can be downloaded, simple installation instructions, and details of how you can help preserve St. Andrews Harbour and receive access to the second set of 25 photos.

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The St. Andrews Screensaver has the support of

The St. Andrews Harbour Trust
Mr. Iain Donald, Secretary and Treasurer
Kinburn Castle
St. Andrews
Fife, KY16 9DR

Sadly contributions in the USA are not yet tax deductible.

Test your knowledge of St. Andrews

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