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St. Andrews - Multimedia Guide - HELP !!!

This is the page to come to when the St. Andrews - Multimedia Guide or Virtual Tour doesn't seem to be doing what you want it to do or you have other questions. Be aware that through the summer of 1999 this page will be undergoing rapid development and some features will not work or be as comprehensive as in the fully developed offering. We will try to flag such items with the Under Constructiongraphic ...

 Help !!!
What you need You will need an Internet connection and a browser capable of running Java Script and Java applets. Plug-ins for sound, video and Quick Time Virtual Reality files will also be useful though not necessary.

Navigating the Guide


If the guide seems to be functioning properly, but you are having difficulty understanding the concepts and user interface for the Multimedia Guide, this page, and the main sections within it, will help you learn how to navigate the St. Andrews Multimedia Guide and especially the Virtual Reality Tour part.
Frequently Asked Questions ... FAQ Yes, here it is, the obligatory frequently asked questions, or in Internet parlance "FAQ". We have anticipated some questions, and will actually add the ones we receive from visitors. Try here first before contacting us ... it's quicker for everyone that way.
The Search Engine Allows you to search for key words in the St. Andrews Multimedia Guide. The deafults are usually what you want but changing the operators for AND/OR and the case sensitivity may help to refine your search. Within a page, you may use your browser's search facility (ctrl-F) to find phrases.
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About the Guide St. Andrews Multimedia Guide and Virtual Reality Tour is produced by Atlantic Networks Inc. The author, Ken Cochran, grew up near St. Andrews, and graduated in Computational Science from the University of St. Andrews in 1979. The purpose of the guide is to present as much quality information about St. Andrews as possible; and to present it in a way which visitors find attractive and easy to use. The Virtual Tour is to provide an experience as close as possible to actually being in the town. Links between information, virtual tour views and local businesses and other sites will be as well integrated and seemless as possible.

Test your knowledge of St. Andrews

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