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St. Andrews - Multimedia Guide - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions
My browser doesn't support Java, why did you choose to use it so extensively ?

We chose Java to implement the VR scenes because it does not require a plug-in down load (like QuickTime), and because the VR scenes are roughly a third to a half the size of comparable resolution QTVR scenes. Some of the VR scenes in this site are also available in QTVR by clicking on the icon on the right side-bar of a VR Tour page.

We strongly suggest that you update to a version that does support Java and Java script. This is becoming an industry standard and not having Java is going to limit your enjoyment of this site and so many others that use Java.

A free, Java capable browser is available from Microsoft here ...  

How do I enable Java and Java Script on my Browser ?

If you already have a current browser with Java capability but it is not enabled, try following these directions ...

When using Netscape Navigator 3.0 ... go to the Options menu in your web browsers toolbar. Select Network Preferences, and then select the Languages tab. Place checkmarks in both the Enable Java, and the Enable Java Script boxes.
( Please note the Netscape 4.x series browsers do not fully support the Java 1.1 interface. Ironically, Netscape 3.x series browsers have better Java support.)

When using Internet Explorer 4.0 or above ... go to the Tools - Internet Options menu on your browsers toolbar. Select Advanced Options, and then select Security. In the custom dialog box ensure Java is enabled with high security. Then go to the Advance tab and place a checkmark in both Enable Java Jit compiler, and Enable Java logging.

Virtual Reality Scenes load part way, then I get the rest of the picture filled in with varying amounts of green dots ... what's up ?

If the picture looks something like the picture below, it means the VR scene was interrupted during download. This is a known problem (it should refresh but doesn't)

Click on the "Change Size" button under the scene to load a smaller, faster version.

Why, when I use AOL, are some of the pictures (especially the maps) blurry and indistinct ?

This is caused by AOL's image compression. It's supposed to speed things up but the images at this site are already optimized for speed and further compression just makes them fuzzy.

To turn off AOL's compression ...
Choose the "
Members" or "My AOL" button. Select "preferences", the "WWW" icon, the "web graphics" tab and uncheck the compression box.

When I click on a map button to see where something is I see an arrow, but no map ... why ? The location maps work slightly differently from the virtual tour map. The location map is a background image with the arrow super-imposed. If you wait (patiently) the map will appear, and from then on the location map should be very quick.
Sometimes the arrow pointing to places on the town map points at the left hand margin in the sea ? This is due to the browser not being wide enough. Maximize the browser or at least enlarge it until the arrow jumps right to the correct location on the map. Remember this guide is best viewed with a browser maximized on an 800x600 screen.
How can I get my Web Page listed with the St. Andrews Multimedia Guide ? It's quite simple really. Just read the instructions and fill out the form you will find by clicking here. You will need to have a postal address within 12 miles of St. Andrews.
What is the e-mail to Fax service ? Normally, Internet visitors will contact a page owner by e-mail.
If the page owner does not have, or does not regularly check e-mail, the page owner may specify a fax number for enquiries. E-mail sent by the visitor is automatically converted to a fax which is sent to the page owner. The sender of the e-mail should be sure to specify a phone number or address at which he/she can be reached with a response.
How much does the e-mail to fax service cost ? Nothing. It is Free.
The service is paid for by a small amount of advertising which is added to the fax.
Why do you use a form for e-mail and not a mailto: tag which would be easier to reply to. It's quite simple really, this way your e-mail address doesn't appear on our pages and is unlikely to be picked up, for junk mail purposes, by robots compiling e-mail address lists. In Internet parlance "it reduces SPAM".
How do I check on the status of a book order ?

If you ordered in the UK, use the help button in the top or bottom navigation bars of this page.

If you ordered in the USA click here.

My question wasn't answered above what now ? Contact Us We'll do our best to help, and if the question is of broad interest, will add it to this page.

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