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Madras College and Black Friars Chapel *

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Tour: South Street - at South end of Bell Street  | South Street - Church Street  | Madras College Quadrangle 
Visit: Madras College | Blackfriars Chapel

Madras College and Black Friars Chapel *

Madras College is the high school serving St Andrews and the surrounding area. The South Street campus shown here serves 3rd to 6th year students

Please help Madras College with the restoration of their Quadrangle, the only complete surviving "quad" in St Andrews. Details by clicking here.

Madras College was founded in 1832 by the Rev. Dr. Andrew Bell, famous for introducing the monitorial system of older students tutoring younger students. The building was designed to blend with the ruins of Blackfriars Chapel.

Blackfriars Chapel is all that remains of a once large monastery on the site. The Blackfriars were established in St Andrews by Bishop William Wishart and were known for their white robes with black crosses and a fanatical desire to root out "heresy".
J.K.Robertson notes that this fact "was not forgotten when their monastery was the first building to suffer at the hands of Norman Leslie's band and of the rabble that followed in the wake of the Reformers".

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