St. Andrews The Arms of the Royal Burgh of St.Andrews Community Council (Used by permission )

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North Street - by St. Salvator's Tower

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Visit: School of Art History

North Street - by St. Salvator's Tower

The junction of College Street and North Street joins this quiet pedestrian wynd with the busy thoroughfare of North Street's traffic. This morning shot belies the business of the area

College Street houses the School of Art History where Prince William will be studying. Across the wynd is a fine example of a house with exterior stair. Just along the pavement is Martyrs Church and the Salvation Army buildings.

Across the street is the New Picture House, Crawford Art Centre, Old Union, St. Salvators Tower, Chapel, and the entrance to the university quadrangle - "Quad".

The entrance to Quad from North Street.

Allegedly when Patrick Hamilton was burned at the stake, this face appeared in the stone about 10' above the top of the archway.

The initials "PH" outside the archway to Quad commemorate the site of Patrick Hamilton's martyrdom. Standing on these cobblestones is reputed to result in exam failure and other salutory consequences.
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