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" This is R 0 M I R … Got you loud and clear. Hello there; How are you doing today ? Welcome aboard Mir ! " (25K Wav)

With these words, U.S. astronaut Andy Thomas welcomed the students of Land O'Pines school aboard the MIR Space Station. Contact was established at 4:34PM EDT (20:34_UTC) on April 9th, 1998.

DAVID BERGELAND photo (Asbury Park Press)

The Asbury Park Press reported the contact on the front page !!!



(we also had published a letter to the editor in several area newspapers).

The contact was shown on cable television in May. Click here for details.

Hear the contact for your self … (Click on name to hear question and answer)

Douglas KC2CJT - calling Mir (63k) Douglas - Welcome to crew of MIR (96K) Seth - time to assemble Mir (99k) Jenny - the cost of manned spaceflight (141K) Sara - difficulty of training (160K) Doug - recreation (159K) Alexis - eating in space (128K)
Matt - effects on digestion (132K) Lost Contact - recovery (81K) Siobhan - mission duration (96K) Jessie - sleep (139K)  Amanda -antigen test (160K) Goodbye ! (162K) Congrats from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center(105K)


See Mission Control at Land O'Pines … Click on image to see similar pictures in larger format or VIDEO !

Rooftop Antennas

Supervised by Doug KC2CJT and Sean KC2DIJ, the radio and antenna operators

Mr. Thompson addresses crew

Mission moderated by Students

Questions to Astronaut

Joe Pate N2YMO

Al Emer N2YAC - describing antenna pointing

Thanks a million !!

Video of final transmission.(1.7M) Sweet Success !! Celebration from the crew

The crew of Mir 25 Mission 95 B



Watch this space !



Watch this space !


Our Handout to visitors to Mission Control.

Pre Contact Press Release.

Technical Details


Get the latest news on Mir from CNN - Search

 Andy Thomas was the last US astronaut to stay on MIR.

 Andy traveled to Mir onboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour in January, click on the picture for an enlargement.

Watch a video of Discovery returning Andy Thomas to Earth (6/12/98) Courtesy CNN / NASA

The Mir Space Station ... follow this link to get details of the Russian space station MIR.

Mir is operated by the Russian Space Agency.

Click Here ... to see Land O'Pines School from space.

NASA educational resources ... Teachers (but also others) may like to follow this link for ideas and resources to encourage learning about space and technology.


School Crest

Several amateur radio operators from the central New Jersey area provided the technical and radio support for this contact. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to send electronic mail to Douglas Cochran (KC2CJT)

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